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Onfolio Holdings acquires controlling interests in and actively manages small websites with a focus on useful content.

We acquire those which we believe (i) operate in sectors with long-term growth opportunities, (ii) have positive and stable cash flows, (iii) face minimal threats of technological or competitive obsolescence, and (iv) can be managed by our existing team or have strong management teams largely in place.

We characterize small websites as those that generate annual cash flows of up to $5 million per year. We believe that the acquisition market for these websites is highly fragmented and often provides opportunities to purchase at more attractive prices and achieve better outcomes for our shareholders.

We currently operate in the following verticals: Pets, Arts and Crafts, B2B SEO Services, Molecular Hydrogen Supplements, Computers, Graphic Design, and People Search.

We anticipate a combination of continuous expansion of these verticals and increasing our share within them. Our business model is not based on success in a particular “niche”, but rather focusing on certain verticals and mediums where content has a key part to play.

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April 2023

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Transfer Agent

VStock Transfer, LLC
[email protected]
18 Lafayette Pl, Woodmere, NY 11598

Investor Relations

516 222 2560

Corporate Counsel

David M. Bovi, Esq.
David M. Bovi, P.A.
2855 PGA Blvd., Suite 150
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
(561) 655-0665


BF Borgers CPA PC

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